As a sports trainer I strive to look into all aspects of fitness and therefore, my study never stops. In fact, it has only increased with time. The more I am studying the more I am intrigued by the way we train. There is so much more to learn beyond gym rooms. However, we are stuck in load 😦 

My below mentioned articles are a testimonial to why we should not be stubborn or head bent on one form of training? Because it is only one part of sports fitness. Pick up any of the below mentioned article of your subject choice and let me know if you find anything wrong. Learning in unending….I would like to learn from anybody who wishes to challenge or raise objection to anything that I have said in my articles. Just so you know…these are not my thoughts. I don’t pen down anything unless tested in the real world and therefore, I would have references for anything I have said or claimed in my articles. And yet…I learn something new from my trainees every time I take up a new assignment.  

Covered areas: Speed, balance, muscle strength, movement, biomechanics, CNS (connection between the muscles) training , mind training, flexibility & its importance among other subjects.

Mentioned below are article headlines clearly indicating the subject matter:

1) Mr. Bolt & I. How running form helps in sports?

Bolt & I – running action

2) Cricket stance…baseball bat. Fundamentals of a swing.

Fundamentals of swing

3) Muscle size is not strength!

Muscle size or strength?

4) Is this Abs workout? Really? How?? (Virat Kohli)

Wrong and yet most common abs workout

5) Training or skill set for bowling/pitching?

Fast bowling – skill or training or both?

6) Bumrah, his lower back and my 2 cents!

Bumrah’s injury cause?

7) Should we worry about tendon training?

Should you look at tendon or muscle?

8) Why cricketers may not need weight strength? A research…

Why no strength training in season in cricket?

9) How holistic training can change you…

What is holistic training?

10) Stretching – dynamic or still? Post work out or pre-work out? Confusion!!

Stretching – dynamic or static?

11) Training the mind of sportsmen

Sports meditation

12) What is Nutrition?

Under nutrition instead of following a diet

Ques: Do you see existing training covering all aspects of training? If not then what are we doing about it? Is it needed?

Warm regards,

Umesh Chhikara