Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist


nutritionBenefits of healthy nutrition:

a) Weight management/loss

b) Safeguard from diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular, asthma, cancer etc.

c) Enhanced respiratory performance

Do you know that metabolic syndrome is the reason for most common diseases today?

Do you know that you can bring metabolic flexibility?

Sports nutrition:

  • Physical performance
  • Energy systems management
  • Lean muscle mass

I have been studying nutrition and researching on macro nutrients for sometime now. From high carbs to high fat; my researches have tested the results in different environments across the age groups. Understanding nutrition is not just about studying the percentage or type of food/calories one should ingest to lose weight; and instead it is more about learning physiology, metabolic pathways, organ functions, energy systems, biochemistry, kinases, hormonal functions, Insulin resistance etc. to evaluate nutrients role in health and performance. It is neither about following a diet blindly.

A few important findings for me:

  • Many of us can become Insulin Resistant over a period of time.
  • No food is bad (listen up ‘keto’ guys!) however not every food is good for an individual even if it is known to be the healthiest food.
  • Understanding what suits you (and what doesn’t) is the first step towards finding a healthy diet for yourself. 
  • Calorie restriction (reduces resting metabolic rate) is not same as intermittent fasting. It definitely works great and it is up to an individual how they wish to pursue it. Both are good and definitely have few big common benefits like autophagy (mTOR).
  • Calorie in and calorie out is not a phenomenon our body recognises. 
  • Processing of any food compromises the structure of food which further disturbs the food quality index. This means that you may see to be getting similar calories but the food may have lost its metabolic mechanisms/quality – satiety signals.


Worked with clients across the age groups both in sports and otherwise.


  • Making clients understand what is going wrong and why. Banning carbs or fat is not a solution just because you think one is better than the other.
  • Writing a diet schedule on the basis of their metabolic taste suiting their metabolism. I strongly believe in the concept of finding nutrition in your kitchen.
  • Bringing newness (every week) in their diet on the basis of their experience and taste

It is not just about losing weight….it is also about not gaining weight again!

Nutrition & performance …..

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