Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist



Benefits of healthy nutrition: Weight management/loss; Safeguard from diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular, asthma, cancer etc.; Healthy mind; and Enhanced respiratory performance.

Belief: Fitness is a combination of metabolic health, mind, and physicality. 

Sports nutrition:

  • Physical performance
  • Energy systems management
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Recovery

Knowledge & research:

Diet research – submission (15 months study)


I have been studying nutrition and researching on macro nutrients for sometime now. From high carbs to high fat; my researches have tested the results in different environments across the age groups. Understanding nutrition is not just about studying the percentage or type of food/calories one should ingest to lose weight. Instead, it is more about learning physiology, understanding metabolic pathways, organ functions, energy systems, biochemistry,  hormonal functions, Insulin resistance, energy systems etc. to evaluate nutrition role in health and performance. It is neither about following a diet blindly.

A few important findings for me:

  • Calorie in and calorie out is not a phenomenon that can be measured accurately in my opinion. Take it as energy in energy out where we have multiple sources of burning energy and we can’t measure all accurately.
  • Sugar (sucrose) – the sooner you decrease it, the better you live. Its not a sin either! We can enjoy sucrose (sweet/desert) when we have a balanced diet (energy balance).
  • Fruits are not a must if you don’t enjoy. Seasonal fruits are good. Treat them as calories and swap.
  • Processed food compromises the food quality – case study
  • Cooking oil – need basis! I am happy with saturated fat and it suits me fine. I shifted to polyunsaturated and I relished that as well. See what suits you.
  • Insulin resistance is perhaps the most common while being the most ignored phenomenon in India and the rest of the world.
  • Metabolic syndrome  is responsible for several diseases like diabetes, cancer, dementia, high blood pressure, depression, obesity etc. etc. and these are treatable with proper nutrition.
  • Poor metabolic health precedes obesity. Not always!!
  • Every chronic disease is some amount of hyper proliferation/hyper growth/inflammation.
  • Building metabolic flexibility (metabolic health) is perhaps the healthiest of all in my opinion. Switching over fuel source once a while can only benefit metabolism. It does seem that our microbiome enjoys diversity.
  • A person doesn’t have to look sick to be sick from inside.
  • Non alcoholic fatty liver can definitely be handled via diet

Experience: Worked with sportsmen (across the age groups), consulted people on nutrition improving their metabolic health and blood markers, and tested the role of nutrition in live sports environment.


MANTRA: It is not just about losing weight….it is also about not gaining weight again!

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