Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist



A sports scientist with expertise in movement, speed, strength, relaxation, balance, biomechanics and nutrition.

Training methodology: Holistic

Achievement: 100 % track record of producing injury free outfits (through the 5 months season) over the years.

References: Anybody and everybody who has ever trained with me.

Success stories:

  • Increased the pace of fast bowlers in two back to back cricket seasons.
  • Produced highest wicket taker in India in both seasons in their respective age groups.

Can’t be a coincidence?

Education: Degrees & certifications

  • Masters in Sports Science (1st class with distinction)
  • Diet & Nutrition Coach
  • Human Movement Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning trainer
  • Yoga teacher & therapist
  • Bachelor of Science

Experience: Cricket, Baseball (USA), Hockey, Football, Recreational runners, and others. Its not wrong to tag me as ‘cricket specialist’ because of the amount of work I have done on cricket training. But it was no different for me in any other sports. I mean it when I say my reference is 100%. I have brought more power to athletes in whatever sport they play.

Current Research in Nutrition & performance: Good training can help make our metabolism robust and vice versa.

Holistic training: In my experience, fitness is multidimensional and broadly covers strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, balance, biomechanics, mind, and nutrition. You remove one piece from the matrix and you won’t be able to achieve your best. Holistic.

How would we know which area needs work if we keep looking at fitness ONLY from the angle of strength? As one can see and hopefully realise that strength is only one part whereas, you would agree that we need all for optimal performance. Choosing what you require most (depending on your sport, physicality, existing dynamics etc) should be your first step towards fitness.

“Building strength is off-season work and taking optimal use of that strength is in-season training” @UC

Excess strength is like that extra food which gets stored as fat in our body and solves no purpose. Build strength that you can put to use.





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