Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist



A sports scientist with expertise in movement, speed, strength, relaxation, balance, biomechanics and nutrition.

Note: My pursuits is in the field of reverse ageing and maximising human performance understanding – both the mental fatigue and physiological limitations.

Training methodology: Holistic

Achievement: 100 % track record of producing injury free outfits (through the 5 months season) over the years – 3 seasons in a row.

Into my 4th cricket season now…..will update post season!

References: Anybody and everybody who has ever trained with me.

Success stories:

  • Increased the pace of fast bowlers in two back to back cricket seasons.
  • Produced highest wicket taker in India in both seasons in their respective age groups.

Can’t be a coincidence?


  • Masters in Sports Science (1st class with distinction)
  • Diet & Nutrition Coach
  • Human Movement Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning trainer
  • Yoga teacher & therapist
  • Bachelor of Science

Experience: Cricket, Baseball (USA), Hockey, Football, Runners and others

Current Research: Nutrition & performance

Any diet we eat should have its impact on strength, speed & fitness. After staying on high carbs diet for 45 years; I decided to look at low carb high fat diet. Currently High Fat diet researches have suggested carbs intake at 10% to reach optimal level of ketones. In Indian society where everything we find in kitchen is carbs, keeping carbs under 10% is almost impossible. My current research looks into keeping carbs at 20-25% and it effect on fitness and metabolic health. It MUST work all together for best performance in sports.

Good training can help make our metabolism robust.

My belief: Be it strength, flexibility, balance, biomechanics, mind or nutrition; you need all to work together to produce your best result in sports. So keep striving and keep working on where you lack and what you need instead of following the blind path of weight training in the gym. If ‘gym training’ were to be the ultimate & only source of strength then we should be seeing fast bowlers becoming faster or batsmen hitting the ball outside the stadium frequently. Whereas what we see in real is bowlers getting slower or bowling consistently at one pace for years and batsmen hitting sixes at 70 meters.

Excess strength is like that extra food which gets stored as fat in our body and solves no purpose. Build strength that you can put to use.





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