Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist


As a practicing scholar with expertise in anatomy, movement, speed, strength, relaxation, balance, biomechanics, mind, therapy, and nutrition, I have a 100% track record of producing injury-free teams for the past five seasons in cricket while having also worked across different sports such as baseball, hockey, football, and wrestling. My success stories include increasing the pace of fast bowlers, keeping cricketers injury-free through the season for five consecutive years, working with clients for weight loss, and tackling challenging rehab/neural cases.

Apart from my focus on physical fitness, my area of research also extends to the integration of all aspects of fitness to achieve optimal performance. I believe that while it’s crucial to master each component individually, integrating all is an art. Understanding and defining fitness or human health via 3M’s (Musculoskeletal, Metabolism, and Mind), I explore the vital role of the mind in performance, particularly its connection to coping with rejection, politics, fatigue, and destiny. I have delved into topics such as brain science, spirituality, physiology, sub-conscious mind, philosophy, and spirituality to build better understanding on mind.

I also find the concept of aging and its connection to the brain fascinating. By understanding human limitations from various perspectives, not just physicality, I am better able to nurture the human soul holistically.

With a Master’s in Sports Science, Diet & Nutrition Coach, Human Movement Specialist, Strength & Conditioning trainer, and Yoga anatomy, teacher, & sports therapist, I bring a holistic approach to fitness training. My methodology focuses on developing a comprehensive training program that targets the entire body without bias towards any specific macronutrient.

My ongoing research centers on enhancing mitochondrial health, which is currently one of the most extensively studied topics in the Western scientific community due to its association with chronic ailments such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Numerous studies have underscored the significance of this small organelle, which serves as the energy hub of our bodies. My interest in this organelle stems from its direct involvement in fat metabolism. Based on my experience and research, it is a key factor in hindering weight loss and athletic performance. Therefore, comprehending its physiology, function, and importance is essential for maintaining athletes’ wellbeing especially those who struggle to lose their weight and stay bulkier regardless of good eating habits.

My objective is to help individuals cultivate the necessary attributes to achieve peak performance, including strength, speed, agility, and flexibility, while also emphasizing the importance of promoting mitochondrial health, gut and brain health, and mindfulness, as they play a crucial role in enhancing performance.





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