Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist



A sports scientist with expertise in movement, speed, strength, relaxation, balance, biomechanics and nutrition + Mind. 

Mind: Sometimes its hard to cope with rejections, politics, or destiny. Our reactions to these situations tells us a lot of about our mind. I was no exception. But being a true scientist, just like how I went on to study different dimensions of fitness looking for answers, I dived deeper into ‘mind’ looking for neuroplasticity (changing the brain). Studied brain, physiology, sub-conscious mind, philosophy, and its connect with us being.

One thing led to another and this led me to pursue & understand the concept of reverse ageing and maximising human performance understanding – both from mental and physiological limitations aspect. Understanding mind connected the last dots for me in my holistic journey to nurture a human soul. 

Training methodology: Holistic

Achievement: 100 % track record of producing injury free outfits (through the 5 months season) over the years – 3 seasons in a row.

Into my 4th cricket season now…..will update post season!

References: Anybody and everybody who has ever trained with me.

Success stories:

  • Increased the pace of fast bowlers in two back to back cricket seasons.
  • Highest wicket taker in India in both seasons in their respective age groups.
  • Kept teams injury free wherever I have worked
  • Worked in Baseball, USA


  • Masters in Sports Science (1st class with distinction)
  • Diet & Nutrition Coach
  • Human Movement Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning trainer
  • Yoga teacher & therapist
  • Bachelor of Science

Experience: Cricket, Baseball (USA), Hockey, Football, Runners and others

Current Research: Nutrition, strength, & performance

I am on a journey to bring my body to its peak form eating normal food that includes desert, carbs, fat, or drinks etc. I have reached 80% and I haven’t moved to boiled food or any supplements. Still eating regular food…training the usual hour…getting off training at regular intervals (due to work)…changing my training and you can see the results in any of my latest posts.

Point to be proven – good training drives our metabolic machinery if approached holistically – bringing everything together including mind.

Next research: Study and improve mitochondria health (fat oxidation) in a research setting but in a live environment with a team. When we lose weight whilst on an increased diet (in terms of calories), it is the training that I compliment. But scientifically speaking…I train to improve mitochondrial function – fat oxidation and improve fat threshold expenditure – zone 2 training as it is known in the cycling world.

My belief: Be it strength, flexibility, balance, biomechanics, mind or nutrition; you need all to work together to produce your best result in sports. So keep striving and keep working on where you lack and what you need instead of following the blind path of load.

Excess strength is like that extra food which gets stored as fat in our body and solves no purpose. Build strength that you can put to use.





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