Good bye 2022…..

Things I have learnt as a sports scientist

1) Players can stay injury free in their sporting life
2) Fast bowlers can increase pace without adding strength in them
3) There is no reason for fast bowlers to get injured
4) Biomechanics is a misunderstood subject in world of sports
5) Running is a skill set. Learn it. Else you can never be able to run faster
6) Not many wish to learn more. People find it easier to follow what is being followed
7) Neuroplasticity can happen at any age
8) One doesn’t need to live with diseases. Age is not a marker for the same.
9) There is no diff in performance in fasted Vs fed state. So whether you have eaten or not should not reflect in your performance unless your sport is highly energy dependent.
10) Losing weight & maintaining health is an art known to few
11) Every food that we ingest results in energy. How much of it is used for the same depends on its nutritional component which is compromised by the quality, processing, and mixing of substrates
12) Mind runs us. Brain only follows instructions. Anything that becomes autonomous doesn’t require our mind. Its just brain then!
13) Carbs or fat…both are food substrates that our body can process for energy. Do not be confused. Just see what suits you better
14) Our burn stays the same regardless of exercising. So to lose weight, persistent stress (changing exercising or progression) and diet plays a major role.
15) Mitochondrial health – fat oxidation is least understood subject in the world of nutrition and weight loss. It is THE mechanism that will make you lose weight.
16) I can improve (with evidence) anybody’s bowling pace, running speed, flexibility, stamina, etc in 3/4 weeks of time. This proves that if we give our body what it requires, the results are instant.

Lastly, life is THE journey. Not the outcome 🙂

Evidence based researches I want to conduct in 2023:
a) Mitochondrial health – fat oxidation, improvement via specific training to stress fat burn – 3 weeks
b) Fast bowling – improving the pace in 3/4 weeks producing up to 150 plus bowlers without injury
c) Baseball pitchers improving their pitching pace in 3 weeks program
d) Biological age & genetics – a study on myself (via biological age test) to bring forth the concept of aging, how it reflect in genes, and whether we can reverse the age living in real world.

Kindly contact if anybody is willing to sponsor me for 3 weeks program for any of the above researches.

Pick up any point that you liked or intrigued by most and ask me question if you have any.

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