Ques: Do we need protein?

Firstly, let us understand this –

Main food source to form and burn calories – Carbs & Fat
Role of protein – regulate gene expression/immune system, helps build structure – musculoskeletal, repair, etc.

Ques: Can protein be used for energy?

Yes, if it is replaced with carbs or fat; protein can be converted into glucose for energy.

Ques: How much protein is needed by our body?
CHILDREN – they get their protein from dairy & food. If somebody has a low appetite then please check with your doctor and I think protein (for children) can be a good supplement for them.
TEENS – YOUTH age – unless one has a low appetite; we can ingest decent amount of protein from food.
Veg – people who eat decent amount of food including dal’s, legumes, roti, vegetables may not need protein supplement.
Non-veg – do not need protein supplement
Sportsmen – depending on their exercise regime; protein can help sportsmen structurally which is very important. But only supplement it if we are a vegetarian with low appetite.
OLD PEOPLE – YES. MOST DEFINITELY. As we grow older, protein works to maintain our musculoskeletal health. Just know that stem cells that are the key to repair and heal our body are born in the bone marrow. Protein helps to keep BONES healthy and going.

Ques: Is protein supplementation like whey protein healthy? Why?

Understand this first – any raw food – vegetables, fruits, seeds. etc is good for our body. Our metabolic machinery is designed to handle it BEST and any incremental processing only compromises the nutritional value of the food.

LOGIC – going by science, even though whey protein, in a way is processed, extracted from milk. But its an extract! It is unprocessed in that sense.

SO YES….because it is unprocessed, it is metabolised faster retaining its whole nutritional component. So its a brilliant food. The CAVEAT is to adjust for it (because it is calories/food) in your total intake unless you are training hard to need extra.

Best time to have it – empty stomach (unless you are training). Have it in breakfast and get rid of both fat and carbs in one meal. Have it as a snack late afternoon and consider it a small meal to keep yourself going until dinner.

Advantage of ingesting in hunger state – metabolised faster which further means extra protein (besides what is needed for its main role) is immediately converted to glucose for energy/burn.

– Excess protein cause kidney damage – NO. Researches do not support this notion
– It is for body builders only – NO. It is for everyone regardless of their burn
– Only sportsmen need it – NO. Our parents need it more than our children.
– Its an unnecessary supplement – NO. It is food in its purest form.