Lets see why, after all, science is so interesting by taking an example of most common food source.


Ques: Can there be a better pre-workout, in fasted state, in scorching heat of 45 degrees than fresh sugarcane juice? Pure sugar extract.

No is my answer understanding the science behind a pre-work or food.


Because it is meant to give us instant energy. And sugarcane juice does more than any natural food (least processed) I know off. Don’t confuse this pre-work with gym pre-work outs.

Pre-work out can be if different types. But essentially I only go for something that gives me immediate benefit – energy and helps me in my performance. I never look at it from physiological perspective like creatine for muscle mass, or BCAA to replenish Amino, Beta alanine to facilitate heavy training etc. etc.

BECAUSE, since am not a body builder, my purpose when I train, may be it is to build muscle, but it is more to keep it in peak health without compromising my movements – typical sports.

So I only look at what gives me energy and it could be gatorade, or pre-work out drink, or it could be a meal of potatoes, or coffee by blocking certain receptor to improve the functioning of metabolic machinery (fuel).

Coffee somehow doesn’t have the same effect on me and perhaps I need a more sugar-y stimulant. Genetics! And just to clarify – this is not everyday of the year. Only at the time when am training to seek something bigger or powerful. Otherwise I also train in fasted state in blocks of few weeks.

Nothing gives more energy instantly than sugar because it is like infusing energy in your blood via glucose. And sugarcane juice, besides being raw, natural, & unprocessed, is pure sugar.

Sugarcane juice – a pure sugar (carb), full of calories, along with dietary fiber, antioxidents, and several minerals in form of calcium, magnesium etc. etc.

However, the caveat is, it is best to take empty stomach.

Treat it as breakfast, or pre-work and burn, or treat it as a part of meal or snack, but ensure that you are in best metabolic state to consume it when your body needs energy or is hungry. Therefore, if taken post overnight fast (break-fast), it can have huge benefits besides providing you with desired energy. Very healthy breakfast.

Reason for empty stomach ironically is same as not consuming it with other foods. Immense outbursts of calories in the blood stream in no time. Excess takes the storage route (fat).

One of the fun of knowing or understanding science is that one can relish everything, eat what we like, train how you feel, and yet stay healthy. Who says only money can buy happiness? Even Sugarcane juice can :))

This, in my opinion makes it – cheapest, healthy, high on energy, nutritionally best, and easily digestible breakfast.

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