Fasted state Vs Fed state

In my recently concluded peak performance camp, we experimented on this:

Batch 1 – fast bowlers – trained in fasted state all 20 days
Batch 2 – batsmen – trained in fed state all 20 days

a) To study the impact of fed vs fasted
b) To study the fat oxidation (mitochondrial health) in both groups
c) To study if it impacts their physical performance
d) To study weight loss in both groups
e) To study energy systems better

Result – Impossible to tell the difference btw the two

– No player felt fatigued. Their fatigue level was same (read zero)
– Those who needed to, lost weight regardless of their batch
– Players from both groups showed tremendous improvement in their fitness via testing and otherwise
– Fasted players never felt lack of energy during training when compared to fed players

My hypothesis –

1) all players improved their fat oxidation (mitochondrial health)
2) No difference in performance btw vegetarian or non-vegetarian because it was fat oxidation at play

Food/nutrition – their platter was same more or less as they would have generally. Its just that it was organised and timed in a fashion that supported their requirement in the camp. Everybody was asked to eat ad libitum (until they were full).

Learning – do not get stressed about pre-work out meals. You can do well without eating as well given you are trained to do that. A lot of times (especially in sportsmen), you feel the hunger in your mind and therefore, you feel less energetic if you are not fed. Scientifically, you are well equipped to sail through. Mind is mysterious in many ways. Even scientifically.

Science – Our body has a mechanism to use both glucose & fat as fuel. Now when we wake up in the morning, we are on fat metabolism inadvertently meaning our body is burning fat. If we do not feed ourselves then our body continues to burn fat until the point where we force the body to shift to glucose. We have a mechanism in our body to convert fat to glucose. Therefore, even in fasted state, we can be using glucose as a fuel.

Ques: At what point do we shift from fat to glucose?

This depends on our mitochondrial health – our efficiency to use fat/fat oxidation. For some people, climbing up the stairs is enough to shift their engine from fat to glucose whereas many can stay on fat oxidation during the climb. It is like saying – for how long can you sustain to run your car in 2nd gear! You can read more on the subject in my article on fat oxidation.

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