Ques: IS Calorie A Calorie?

Ans: Yes if the calorie is following the first law of thermodynamics (energy conservation) and NO if following the second law (entropy). In theory, both laws should be in practice simultaneously.

Ques: F*Ck the law…how do I know if a calorie is a calorie for me regardless of the food substrate?

Ans: Depends on:
a) Metabolic machinery – flawed in most cases especially in weight gainers
b) Expenditure – how well am spending the energy. If you increase this then body has to provide it regardless of the laws

Interesting;y just like thermodynamics law, (a) & (b) are intermingled and yet independent. You focus on (b), and (a) comes in order. You focus on (a), and (b) comes easy. Damn!!!

Ques: Two boys train – everything same. One gets faster, agile & faster. Other don’t!! Why?

Ans: Because even though they are both following the best possible training but it is not suitable to both. Give what your body needs & not what others follow.

Ex: High fat or high carb; sweet or sour; rice or wheat; beer or wine – I can make it all work same. WHY??? – your turn to answer šŸ™‚

Learning: Do not go by what is claimed to be best by experts. See how it suits you and take it forward from there. Example: ghee is been a constant in all my diets.

Nobody, literally no one(no research), can tell you what suits you best better than your own body. I ain’t a body builder – never been, but I can toy with my body because I know how to train and relate to what food is doing to my body.


Umesh Chhikara