Whether it were players/athletes coming out of an injury or a non-player getting tired of his body; I have 100% treatment rate in whoever I handled until this day. Pain persisting post rehab is not physio’s fault and instead it is the training or one’s body mechanics that bring about the pain back.

I have had clients who hadn’t retracted their shoulder for 15 years just because they have had surgeries or players who feel awesome and fit after a rehab, but the moment they take on the field and get indulged in their sporting activity; it all comes back. I recently had a player who felt the pain in his tail bone area. After working a few sessions with him….the pain was released from tail bone area and shifted to hamstrings stiffness. Releasing hamstrings was not a big task of course 🙂

The reason I am highlighting these selective cases studies is because there is a big anatomical lesson in all these studies. It is not just the rehab work that makes me who I am; instead, it is the knowledge of anatomy in relation to the sporting/activity – kinesiology, kinetics, kinematics, etc. that makes me do critical review the problem. This review helps me to asses the postural dysfunction & movement impairment and address the issue from a very deep point.

The other differentiating point is that for me, regardless of where the injury is, assessment of the whole body is the first step. It is possible that I may start with ‘back’ even though the problem could be in the knee. We often forget that one small compensation somewhere in the kinetic chain can impair the function of muscles working at a distant joint.

After years of study & research on subjects like yoga anatomy, therapy, strength & conditioning, human movement science, speed & foot mechanics, biomechanics & muscle mass, metabolism, nutrition, mind, spirituality, and sports science (perhaps a thing or two more); I have come to the conclusion that fitness is about 3 M’s –

a) Musculoskeletal consisting of 200+ bones, 400+ muscles, ligaments etc)
b) Metabolic machinery consisting intestinal network, organs, nerves arteries etc.
c) Mind consisting of Conscious & sub conscious mind, Central Nervous system etc.

And if we can create a good bond/connection/sync between these three, then we can achieve what I call ‘nirvana’ or ‘holistic health’ while being alive and kicking in the real world.

‘Structural Rehab & Training Center’ is a figment of my imagination that looks into the real time possibility of setting up this connection for you.

Who it is for?

  • Anybody, who has paid visits to their doctors/physios and yet the pain persists
  • Anybody, who is not able to understand metabolism/nutrition but however is keen to repair their body – weight loss or otherwise
  • Anybody, who like to understand what it takes for a human body to stay in shape
  • Anybody, who wants to improve their performance in the sport they play


Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist

Center: Siddhartha Extn, New Delhi 110014

Ph: 9810113075 (kindly whatsapp first)