My favourite: Deltoid (shoulder muscle) separated from upper trap, chest, and spine of scapula

Ques: What is the best way then to reduce fat?
Ans: Right training and thereby creating calorie deficit. And calorie deficit doesn’t mean starvation.

Ques: I am often asked this question if one can target fat in training?

Ans: NO…you can’t!

Ques: But why? Training should burn fat?

Ans: Yes, training burns fat but you can’t target it because you didn’t chose to store it at your preferred location. It gets deposited subcutaneously wherever your body allows it.

You will see some people have fat around their neck, hip, or face area and not so much around abdomen. Whereas, most people would have it around abdomen that we also sometimes refer to as ‘beer belly’. Therefore, if we do not have a choice to deposit fat where we like; we don’t have a choice in burning it either. IT seems to follow the same sequence as it did while depositing.

My favourite: Upper trap fibres and spine of scapula view

Here is the best example: you see a well crafted back. One can view the spine of the scapula, upper trap muscle fibres, middle trap, lat, erector spinae muscles (spinalis, longissimuss, and iliocostalis) etc. and yet, you see fat sitting in that small little corner.

Lean Muscle Mass & sports

Ques: One thing which always disturbs me is why players are not able to build lean muscle mass if they are training in the gym regularly? Why not?

Ans: Improper training and nutrition that doesn’t support the cause. Developing lean muscle is an art which is a lot more difficult than bulking up.

MY favourite: the fat-less separation between soleus & gastrocnemius muscles

Ques: How many players do you see like this? OR DO YOU KNOW of any sportsman who has a calf and back to show anywhere close to the above?

May be a selected few….

Knowledge matters!!

Umesh Chhikara

Sports Scientist