I am fascinated by some anatomical displays and one of them is straightness when it is at its best. Whenever I see this….I get overwhelmed and end up writing a post or article. Not because it is rare…I don’t know that, but because it explains to anyone the whole idea of training your body to perfection for the sport you play.

Understanding the movement circuit, breaking it and then giving what is required for each component is how one can perfect their movements.

The elbow…the head…the back….the balance = straightness and thereby the easiness/comfort. I ain’t a batting coach, but to me as a fitness coach, this is the best display of human anatomy playing a cricket shot with max power whatever the lad possesses. From anatomy perspective.

The simple rule of training is to improve. When your movements improve; your skill is bound to improve if you have trained as per the requirement of the game.

Learning: Right fitness should enhance your physical ability and address your skill making it swifter for you to run through the movements.