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Please note that muscle size is an outcome of strength training however it depends on other factors including other activities that you do.

Ans: Here is my analysis on the above question after transitioning through it recently. I was off training for a month(July) and its been 3 weeks roughly when I started strength training. I train for an hour/4 times a week.

Of course, you can see the body getting back in shape however, more importantly, the result proves that if you train well then regaining strength is as easy as 3 weeks maximum. Or even less because sportsmen can put in more hours.

Q: And IF gaining strength is as easy as that then how about thinking of relaxation as a tool to gain strength?

Q How about aiming for best when y ou train for strength?

Q Is it possible?

Yes….yes….and yes.

Right now I am in what I call ‘getting it anatomically right’ phase where I am not fussy about diet/fat etc.

1) As you can understand from looking at the structure…the only option for muscles now is to grow with the right form/alignment.

2) And I can take it to whatever limit I may have as per my gene pool. Also the structure now gives me an option to go specific.

3) Choose an area (requirement) and work on it and check results easily.

Simplifying training…..

Umesh Chhikara