Running latest

Movement science is very simple: make your entire body work in one direction in the most effortless manner. And it can only be effortless when all the involved muscles work to their best potential – not against!

Think of a train…what happens if one bogey gets misaligned while following the engine? It doesn’t only pull on the engine bogey to hamper its speed but it also disrupts the ones behind it and will surely damage the alignment ultimately.

Now think of runner as a train in the video and then evaluate what happens if we disrupt the arm, trunk, knee, landing and so on….. I am amazed by how running is ignored in sports. Do you expect a batsman or fielder to run fast in the game of cricket of baseball? Do you think their speed and action can make huge impact on their performance? Get me one professional who thinks otherwise? Then why? Why are we not teaching proper running to these sportsmen?

If only weights could make you faster….sumo wrestlers or power lifters would be at the top of every game.