Ques: Should we change the biomechanics for better performance. #cricket#fastbowling

Yes and no.

No, if their mechanics are not injury prone in the long run. And if they are able to achieve desired pace.

Yes..if it calls on few selected musculature more than the other fatiguing and creating an imbalance. Because imbalance will eventually lead to niggles followed by injury. Or creating a lock (compensatory patterns) and stressing your one body part.

As we know or perhaps should understand, the landing plays a very important role in stability and power generation in a pace bowler. So does the usage of spine among few other factors. And as you can see I could change both (below is another example) which not only made the bowler pacier but less injury prone as compare to before. Injuries are treated by physios but they are prevented in training.

Example : Bumrah’s action even though being perfect from most angles biomechanically but for one where he creates lock position at his lower back and stresses (adding load or extra work) it much more. Result – niggles followed by…..

here is a link if anybody wants to read why lower back

Biomechanics sound complicated but it’s not because i always manage to correct it via training drills. Several cas studies like below (link).Having said that one doesn’t need to follow it 100% or try to achieve perfection. There are some element of naturality in our movement and it should be preserved because that it suits your anatomy best. Example – foot stamping on the ground can be corrected via drills (not replicating pitching movements). Likewise hip rotation can be improved. Back/spine can be straightened or spines spring like quality can be put to use. However, arm swing, to me, is natural and one should only train the back and arms and leave the rest on naturalness.

There are many more examples like this where I TWEAKED the biomechanics to make them more effective.

The usage of spine is most under-rated in fast bowling. Have a look at this bowler and keep a watch on his spine and how he started using the elasticity of his spine which made him faster.