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Ques: Why cricketers get hamstring injuries?

Let us try to understand it via this video 

Ques: What do I mean by bringing fluency or effortlessness in a movement? And why it is important?

When we think of bringing power through legs, we often think of doing squats or doing leg lunges. But do you know that we also add power by making our movements better?

Ques: What is a perfect movement as per human movement science?

Any movement that follows the circuitry pathway with correct biomechanics.

Ques: Why is it important to make movements swift, fluent, energy efficient, and thereby powerful?

It is important to keep ourself injury free.

Toes – Calves – Hamstrings – Glutes + arms aid in the upward push

Ques: How and why?

If you look at the video you will understand the role of each and every muscle in the circuitry pathway of this jumping exercise to strengthen our legs and syncing the upper and lower. However, if you do not follow it properly, you may still be able to jump this much or higher, but some muscle has to overwork to bring it. And also it won’t look this effortless! This would make those muscles over-activated just like over-work tires us!

Ques: What happens then?

Any over-activated muscle will jump-in hyper actively to perform its task compensating for other muscles making itself more over-activated. Always.

Ques: What happens with over-activated muscle?

It gives up one day. Cricketers getting hamstring injuries is the best example of this. Analogy – can we run a car efficiently on high pace with one brand new tyre? Hamstrings is a group of very strong and long muscles. They are not meant to be broken doing things that we do everyday unless they are compensating for some other muscles and getting over-activated/over-tired/over-worked.

Ques: But how?

Here are pictures depicting how, if not corrected, and we continue to give extra load to some muscles (compensation); then injuries are bound to come. Some will take it on their back, some in hamstrings, some in ankle, and a few in shin (anterior leg). Depending on which of these gets overworked/fatigued faster, we get injured at specific locations. These fast bowlers pictures are also very good at assessing the ‘doing’ which is so minimal and yet, the effect could as big as an injury free career or increasing pace, or keeping body untired.

Ques: Why cricketers are most susceptible to hamstring injury?

Firstly, the footwear – spikes & its nuances with regard to heel strike and more ground contact time makes a case of over-activated hamstrings 100%. You can read my detailed article on this (https://umeshchhikara.com/2020/03/31/cricket-spikes-injuries/)

Secondly, they do not relax the musculature or as we would say in human movement – rest the over-activated and activate the inhibited.

Thirdly, they go hammer and tongs with weighted squats, olympic lifts etc.

Result – super over-activation of hamstring muscle group effecting the working at all joints – ankle, knee, and hip

Outcome – INJURY

Ques: What should we do about over-activated musculature?

Definitely not load it more!! It will break faster. The best long term solution is to find the reason for its over-activation. And short term solution is to relax it. #notoverloadit!