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One of the experts put ‘happiness’ engulfed in 3 macronutrients:
1) Enjoyment
2) Satisfaction
3) Purpose

But chasing happiness as they say is not a good idea. Instead if we
a) Do the work
b) Practice
c) Share
then that by default brings us happiness

Defining our values & morals and living also brings us happiness.

Ques: What if people don’t let you live and disrupt your pathway?
Ques: What if all people around you try to destroy your values and morals?

Ironically, if you retaliate, it gets ugly and you end up adding more obstruction to your pathway. And then who likes retaliation unless it is Krishna from Mahabharta? But if we don’t then are we following our dharma?

Ques: Right from fluid intelligence curve in our early days to chrystalised intelligence as we get older; it is assumed that our intelligence paid off. Or it should. What if it didn’t? Not because you were wrong…but perhaps because everybody around you didn’t understand your intelligence?

Where to find all the answers? Perhaps in our ancient philosophies! However, one has to tweak it as per their mess 🙂

– Nothing comes without compromise for some. Life ain’t hunky dory but then what happened to all the good deeds?

Ans: They are paid off by people who you helped. Fair enough?

– Reducing our wants keep us on our happiness trajectory. But then wanting to be appreciated for what you do is being human?

Ans: Those who were helped will always appreciate you. Stop looking at those who do not want your help.

– Detachment from some things can bring us little solace. But wouldn’t it be confronting if we were to compromise on our values?

Ans: Yes. Get away from the environment that asks you to compromise on your value. And do what? No idea :)) I am digging into it.

It is endless and so are our feelings and emotions or bastards around us 🙂

To me, the path to spirituality is factually finding ways around to deal with these outside demons and not letting these effect you internally. Challenging. Yes. Treat it as a riddle of your favourite (well read) subject – yourself. You know you can tackle it. Do it. Its you at stake.

Here is my mantra that I wrote many years back and I find it more and more factually accurate and applicable as I grow older:

“Find pleasures in small achievements. Big ones are often fake.”

Interestingly spirituality by itself is not a challenge. When I go to my Ashram to dig into what an expert puts as ‘chrystalised intelligence’, I find spirituality damn easy. The movement I walk out of those doors…its a different world. Here I have to struggle to keep myself spiritual.

#elonmusk I ain’t coming to Mars unless you make it spiritual 🙂