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One of the experts put ‘happiness’ engulfed in 3 macronutrients:
1) Enjoyment
2) Satisfaction
3) Purpose

But chasing happiness as they say is not a good idea. Instead if we
a) Do the work
b) Practice
c) Share
then that by default brings us happiness

Defining our values & morals and living by them also brings us happiness?

What can one do when the people around them are actively trying to undermine their values and morals? Retaliation may seem tempting, but it often leads to further obstacles on one’s path. After all, who enjoys retaliation except for perhaps Krishna from Mahabharata?

However, if we don’t retaliate, are we still following our dharma?

Throughout our lives, we are expected to develop our intelligence from fluid intelligence in our youth to crystallized intelligence as we grow older. However, what if our intelligence doesn’t pay off, not because we are wrong, but because those around us fail to comprehend it? Turning to ancient philosophies for answers may be helpful, but it’s crucial to adapt these teachings to our unique situations.

Ques: Everything in life comes with compromise for some individuals, and it may not always be a smooth journey. However, what about the good deeds we perform?

Ans: Our good deeds are acknowledged and appreciated by the people we have helped. Isn’t that fair enough?

Ques: Lowering our desires can lead to a happier life, but it’s human nature to want recognition for our efforts.

Ans: Those who were recipients of our help will always appreciate us. Instead of seeking validation from those who don’t want our help, we should focus on those who do.

It can be a daunting challenge to let go of certain things, especially if it means compromising our values. If we find ourselves in a situation that requires us to compromise our values, it’s best to distance ourselves from it. However, figuring out what to do next can be unclear. It’s a matter of introspection and aligning our actions with our values.

For me, the path to spirituality involves finding ways to deal with external challenges without allowing them to affect us internally. It’s a challenging task, but we can approach it as a puzzle to solve within ourselves. Our well-being is at stake, and we have the capability to tackle it.

Here is my mantra that I wrote many years back and I find it more and more factually accurate and applicable as I grow older:

“Find pleasures in small achievements. Big ones are often fake.”

Interestingly spirituality by itself is not a challenge. When I go to Ashram to dig into what an expert puts as ‘chrystalised intelligence’, I find spirituality damn easy. The movement I walk out of those doors…its a different world. Here I have to struggle to keep myself spiritual.

#elonmusk I ain’t coming to Mars unless you make it spiritual 🙂