I was doing everything right. Why me then?

We all have heard it sadly, coming from our near and dear ones who are suffering from Cancer, depression, anxiety, diabetes, CVD, ATSD, etc. etc. I heard it recently from somebody my own. Therefore, this could be one of those areas that everybody wants to answer but do not know how? Here is my effort to explain….this is not my hypothesis or imagination. Always looking to learn new if somebody wants to add.

Chronic Inflammation is found to be the cause for most of these diseases and many more. But what controls this? Where is the magic button?

Could it be Microbiome/gut?

But how?

It could be pancreas, liver, heart, kidney, or anything else? Why Microbiome?

Because all organs are at receiving end of this. The chain starts from microbiome. Where it releases metabolites to convert food into fuel, it also releases lipopolysaccharides that brings inflammation by getting absorbed in the blood. Microbiome/gut is the command centre (house 90% of microbiota/microorganism) where the healthiest food can be converted to poison or it could be absorbed as nutrient.

So all the organs we speak about are the places of damage and not necessarily the cause of damage.

Example: Liver got damaged. The person repaired the liver via medicine and then after sometime, it could be kidney. You may suppress the damage by attending to it but most times we couldn’t eliminate inflammation as it appears somewhere else. Why? Because we hadn’t attended to the root cause? #Microbiome

The gut microbiome has several jobs. In addition to helping with food digestion, it creates essential vitamins and assists with training the immune system. Is it heritable? No human data yet confirms it in my knowledge, and it could be because the environment plays a bigger role in shaping the microbiome than your genes. One research findings agreed with previous studies showing environment effects on gut microbiome play a larger role than additive genetic effects.

In fact, I read somewhere that in another recent study they compared microbiomes of breast cancer patients and they found striking similarity in microbiomes.

If that’s correct then what does it prove?

It proves that genetics may play a little role in a few heritable attributes but a disease should not be one of them. There could be something but not these horrifying diseases that are prevalent in our society today. When we hear people talking of some heritable disease in their family; we often ignore the fact that their eating habits/food may not be different to their ancestors. It could be lifestyle mixed with certain food type. Even it is one meal! There has to be something. Right?

Example: Generally we don’t hear anybody saying I am eating completely different food than my parents and yet got the same disease! Whereas what we often hear is this – I have been exercising, staying fit, and yet I got it.

Note: So genes can not be our destiny when it comes to health!


1) Bad food habits makes one obese, another diabetic, and effect 3rd person’s cardio vascular health.

2) Two people eat the same food. One face gastric issues but other person is fine

3) Meat/ghee/dry fruits is good for health. I can’t handle it. But my other family member can.

4) Chemotherapy made one person eliminate cancer. The other stayed with severe health outcomes or fails to have the same effect. Likewise immunotherapy worked on my friend but it didn’t do so on me.

5) Humans may match in DNA but our microbiome environment doesn’t match. Its different in us.

6) Seed oils work fine with certain population whereas, it may be the cause of inflammation in others. Likewise for saturated fat.

Bigger message: Our current gut health defines and influences our health or any kind of chronic inflammation. Its been said that 70% immune system resides in our gut microbiome.

Just how we should (we don’t currently) focus on ‘core’ health (no its not building abs) for better movements & power transfer between upper and lower limbs; microbiome is the epicentre of our health.

Example: 2 people have issues at core. 1 person gets knee pain, another back pain, 3rd person gets in the groin, 4th at shoulder, 5th…6th….I can write 10 pages on it. The weakest takes the hit first.

We can make toxins or nutrients from same food and it is reliant on our gut health.

Ques: And what drives our gut health?

The food we eat. #nutrition

Example: The western world swears by ‘protein’. Some swear by fruits/dry fruits/dairy/plants or some for meat. Whereas, ironically the food’s viability should be measured in OUR ecosystem inside? This perhaps could be reason for such a diversity on our planet. Whatever we are eating….we can always see several examples of both healthy and unhealthy population eating the same food.