Lean muscle mass, hypertrophy, and nutrition

1) Its been a while since I have visited the gym (corona closure) and one the most obvious result of this is much less load (majorly therabands) in training. Much less training times/days as well.

Muscle mass – increased.

Submission: Lean muscle mass is not just a result of load as it is misunderstood to be. I have build it using bands – more eccentric training

2) Nutrition – I stayed on a high protein, high fiber diet for almost 8 weeks. Its been 3 weeks or so since I have been on mixed diet of high carb and high fat.

Weight loss – Yes
Energy system – is working great like earlier. No fatigue.
Nutrition – superb

Submission: Be it carb, fat, or protein. All works good for a healthy metabolic machinery. Of course, protein has a different role but when we go on high protein diet, it becomes the main fuel for our body – gets converted to glucose or fat and gets consumed as fuel.

Just how training compliments are physical ability if it suits our requirement; our food substrate that we ingest helps us build a robust metabolic machinery.

My favourite

Shuttling between the food substrates, just like training, seems to be the best way to keep our gut microbiome healthiest.