Running video at the end.


Think of running as an individual sport
Then think about running in a sport

Differences: push to stance phases, change of direction, deceleration, sudden breaks, and optimising the muscle strength to generate maximum power in least time. Correct?

These are basic differences because of which a cricketer, hockey player, footballer, or others don’t train like a runner. These are qualities that are needed in any field sport for a player to be called ‘athletic’ in their respective sport.

Do you see the difference a good take off can make?

But don’t be mistaken that a player do not need proper running biomechanics therefore! The last point of maximising your muscle output can only happen if we run and take off with proper mechanics given any postural alignment at a given situation. Therefore, running is important and this small write-up is more to showcase nuances of running in a sport Vs running as a sport.

Didn’t realise he is quadrupedal and not bipedal and therefore, can stop immediately and have more control on the movement. They can stop much faster since they are on four’s. Did you ever notice it? I didn’t….:)

Unlike him i have to make several adjustments to stop myself. This is training reaching body what is required by our sport.

Very interesting video to learn the nuances of running in sports. Watch till the end…I had to do a lot to save my running partner here.

Sports Scientist