What is a RECOVERY session?

People often think of recovery session as muscle recovery. Rightly so…but how? And to what extent? What is the best or most fundamental way to recover our body?

Yoga, meditation, pool sessions, or something else. Yes, these are a few ways that experts think of when it comes to recovery. However, lets dive a bit deeper and understand recovery process which is not just about musculature:

a) Intramuscular & musculoskeletal: when muscles get fully rested. We can achieve this via sleep or rest. But is it enough?

b) Central Nervous System/Mind: When a player is constantly engaged on phone, tv, or conversations; factually speaking, their mind is never at rest. When do they change their thought process? When do they find time to retrospect?

Ques: But how could a game of cricket, particularly smaller format, cause fatigue to musculature or brain chemicals/signal strength?

Ans: With regard to musculature, it’s not one game that causes it. It is the background of playing and practicing that may cause stress to musculature particularly in case of fast bowler or wicket keeper. As for brain…it is not the fatigue, it is more about training your effort via peaceful thinking and by syncing it with the rest of the body. In simple language I call it the coordination between the mind and body.

The process of recovery not only expands the capabilities of the muscles and mind but it also helps to bring these in order – better coordination and rest.

Therefore to me a recovery session is both about MIND (CNS) and body. Yoga and meditation are excellent tools for those who are good at it but not for everyone. If you feel a niggle or pain while getting into an asana; you would never be able to do it perfectly and the purpose gets defeated. A good teacher will help you sail through the niggle, without focusing on the asana, by building stronger foundation at mind while simultaneously working on the musculoskeletal structure.

It is a myth that one doesn’t need relaxation in smaller formats. In my opinion….it is MUST since the execution need to be perfect in a very short period of time. It is like getting one hit at the dart board Vs 10.

Ques: How do you improve coordination between the mind and body?

Ans: By working on it.

When I see my otherwise charismatic and bubbly characters lying down with no sense of existence; I get full recovery 🙂

Umesh Chhikara