a) A calorie is a calorie

b) Sugar or fat is not as bad as they are made out to be

c) Nutrition’s connect with mind and sporting performance is more than how it is understood

d) Weight loss is easy if you understand metabolic health

e) Mind plays a much bigger role than it is made out to be

f) Knowledge wins hands down over confidence and smartness

g) You are not necessarily a good athlete if you are good at lifting weights and vice versa

h) Speed is most ignored in sports unfortunately. It is the ‘Fitness’ that you require in sports

i) We do not lose strength if we are training well for the sport we play

j) ‘Biomechanics’ is simpler than it is made out to be

k) Our body tells us everything and we must work on receptors – the connect

l) Mind, Metabolism, and Musculoskeletal – 3 M’s are integrated and we need all for good health

m) Relaxation is the key for strength

n) Find pleasures in small achievements….the big ones are often fake!

Wish you all a very happy 2021