Tricep & Calf are muscles that require precision – correct form/alignment in training. This is the reason we only see a lump of muscle in maximum athletes even though they train hard.

Is it hard to train?

No…but one needs to train properly for any muscle which is – a) multi headed, and b) where a few muscles together form a group. For example: Calf.

Q. When do you think you will extract maximum force?


a) when all the muscles contribute to their best potential

b) only when a muscle (e.g. Triceps) is build to its shape engaging maximum number of motors units for maximum strength output.

For sportsmen, these muscles play a vital role. Where one handles/assist in the jump or running; the other help finish the swing/throw/bowl.


Cricketers/baseball/racket sports professionals….

Q. Do you think following/building a program or what they call load management can help extract maximum output from these muscles if not worked/build properly?

Ans: NO….you can’t expect a chair to be equally strong if you remove one of the legs and fix it closer to other. Even if you use it less. For a chair to remain strong, its legs and alignment has to stay intact first and then comes the right usage!

Q. Or do you think tiring the muscles can make them stronger? 

Ans: You work on the muscle to extract best output. Can you extract best output from tired muscle? No…no…no; it only leads to injury.

Running latestQ. When is a muscle strong?

Ans: When a muscle is worked upon correctly (with right alignment/form) in training. Whether it is physical drills or gym or yoga or movement specific; alignment should be the key. Only then you are building a stronger and injury free muscle.

Q. Does that mean injuries occur due to improper muscle training?

Ans: Absolutely….however, in sports you don’t have a choice while playing it. But in training….it is MUST to handle the alignment, movement and form aspect to handle all the damage the sporting movement may have caused.

I build my programs on daily basis and lot of times I end up changing and building a fresh program (just before the start) looking at the condition of my sportsmen in season. I am not talking about long term or off season programs here. Even there I only support it when it is supervised by a professional trainer.

For me, as a trainer, a player’s best need, in season, is what he needs the morning of training and not because their training program says so.

Q. Is it this followed?

And: Unfortunately NO from what I have seen.

Q. How do you then expect to minimise the injuries even if you have the best facilities?

Ans: Think yourself…..

Simplifying training…..

Umesh Chhikara

Movement Specialist I S& C trainer I Relaxation specialist